Realizing Every Action Creates Hope (REACH)

Reaching out to foster youth through hope.

" REACH promotes prevention, intervention, and educational achievement. We know that as a team, we must be willing to listen and understand a teen's focal point and where they are coming from in all aspects of life."


    To create equal opportunities in education for foster children at risk educationally in order to empower and enable all children to reach their life goals and dreams. The focus is on creating change agents while reshaping the focus from individual ethics to social ethics. Since help is a two way street, REACH students will be given the opportunity to give back what they have learned to help grow more successful U.S. leaders.


    REACH offers school and community based programs to create equal opportunities in education for foster youth. Breaking the cycle of homelessness and increasing the 50 % graduation rate. Peer leaders and staff create stable, strong support systems that predict positive outcomes.